Press pinion Ø 7 x 12 teeth DURALUMINIUM

Ref: SP084012

DURALUMINIUM - Ø 7 mm exterior diameter - for motor axle of 2 mm - bag with 2 units


Mostly this pinion has been manufactured to use in the motor mounts with an OFFSET between 0,5 and 1 mm of any Slot manufacturer, since its specific diameter allows to increase and maximize the combinations with the different crown sizes.

IMPORTANT: Remember to always lubricate and/or grease all gears to improve performance and durability and that aluminum pinions always suffer more wear than brass or steel.

PAY ATTENTION: Although it is recommended to do it in all the sprockets that are nailed in aluminum pinions it’s necessary to lubricate the inside of the hole to facilitate press in it and prevent breakage.

External diameter: 7 mm.
Thickness: 3,5 mm.
Weight: 0,22 gr.

To press fit in a 2 mm motor axle.