Slot cleaner

Ref: SP120201

Cleaner and protector Teflon based (PTFE) - specific for slot tracks - 125 ml. - bag with 1 unit

All slot tracks suffer the continuous action of dust, environmental humidity, oils and greases, the remains of the tyres and the residuals of the braids when rubbing constantly in the lane, such as tin, soft metal with which they are coated the braids and the rest of the degradation of these ones due to the electricity.

This new product, two in one, will help you effectively clean the track lanes and keep them protected from rust.

1º If the track lane has rust, remove it and remove the scraps.
2º Shake the bottle a little and moisten a clean cotton cloth with four or five drops of product.

3º Pass it by the lane in distances of approx. 1 meter until the dirt is adhered to the rag. 4º Always use new and clean rag parts. 5º Finally, once clean the lane, repeat for the last time the operation and let the product rest for approx. three hours. 6º Perform this operation three or four times at year or when detect a lot of dirt on it.