Hollow axle TITANIUM 52,5 x 2,38 mm (3/32´´)

Ref: SP042152

Stainless steel axle and calibrated & Titanium covered - 52,5 mm length x 2,38 mm diameter (3/32'') - 1,12 gr - bag with 1 unit

Stainless steel hollow axle, calibrated and subjected to a coating with Titanium approx. 8µm (8 microns) to give it greater wear friction resistance and more mechanical strength.

IMPORTANT: The coating, although minimally, supposes an increase on the total diameter of the axle of 16 µm (16 microns) and it is possible that in some cases it is necessary to check the hole in the rim and revise it with a reamer if necessary.

REMEMBER: To ensure the correct performance, reliability and durability of any axle, it is -VERY IMPORTANT- to lubricate regularly and generously.

ADVICE: This Titanium coated axle is designed solely and exclusively to be used with brass, bronze, Nylon etc... bushings (where friction and wear occur) and it is a error to use it in a ball bearing due to its higher cost and because everything what is related to friction and wear must be supported by the ball bearing, never the axle.