Aluminium F1 chassis

Ref: SP500002

Duraluminium - 1,5 mm thickness - 12,5 gr - for All SlotCar bodies - bag with 1 unit


The philosophy of the new chassis for F1 GP Formula body is the simplicity of all set. Assembly is very simple and intuitive, uncomplicated, effective and practically indestructible.

This chassis has been specially designed for the body of Italian GP Formula -AllSlotCar-

VERY IMPORTANT: Doesn't require any adaptation or modification of the body, and the kit includes everything, until the two screws that attach it to body.

Although factory is already verified, on occasion the metal parts are manipulated and folded manually are not perfect.

In some cases is necessary a little attention for align the support of bearings and will need to bend the support to get be perfectly parallels, and the shaft turns smoothly. With a pliers and in a couple of minutes this simple operation can be performed.

Also, sometimes, a slight adjustment in the bearing hole is required to introduce the bearing. It is better than the bearing fits hardness, that to in reverse.