3 banana plugs 4 mm red-black-white

Ref: SP138700

Plastic & metal - bag with 3 units

Through the following series of photographs we indicate all steps for proper mounting of banana plugs.
Cut the outer sheath approx. 8 cm paying attention not to damage any of the three electric cable that's inside.
Then we cut the cover that protects the copper strands approx. to 9 mm. I always taking care not to cut the copper wires.
Roll up lightly with your fingers the copper wires to prevent undo the filament (Figure 2) and fold it in half.
Then we apply solder on each of its ends. If you can not solder, can be suppressed this operation, but it is advisable to do it for the greater safety and longevity that provide this system. If you do as we indicated, this connection can last you years old.
It only remains screw strongly the allen screw using a 1,5 allen wrench
This is the aspect that finally has our work, which will invest just a few minutes.
If we want to give extra safety and durability of our work we can use a shrink sleeve approx. 4 cm in length and at least 8 or 10 mm in diameter. (the heat shrink tamañao reduces, by the action of heat, approx. 50% of its original size)