PRO controller 100% electronic

Ref: SP130030

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Created to be simple and intuitive to use, the PRO controller has two basic regulations to drive accurately.
It has 4 power curves which can be adjusted with the potentiometer sensitivity, and the possibility of using traction control adjusted approx. to 18%.

General features

- Embedded microcontroller.
- Acceleration and brake control by PWM signals and MOSFET transistors.
- Magnetic trigger that eliminates friction and is maintenance-free.
- Built-in protective fuse of 2 A. (+1 Spare).
- Green LED indicating operation.
- Extra flexible power cord 1,5 m. long. 3 4mm red, white and black banana connectors.
- Four different power curves offering controls similar to having four resistances of different ohms
(approx. 25 - 35 - 45 - 60Ω) in a single controller.
- Brake adjustment by potentiometer.
- Sensitivity adjustment by potentiometer.
- Traction control on / off.
- Adjustable trigger range from minimum (brake) to maximum (acceleration).
- Rubber cable protection.
- Reduced weight.
- Low power consumption.

With this control the amount of brake control varies from 0 to 100

The sensitivity potentiometer is responsible for managing the power increasing it or decreasing.
This button must be placed in the -50- because it corresponds to the Ohms selected in the micro-switch, thus can increase the power (50 to 100) or slow down (50-0) curve

green circle: control switches yellow circle: stop brake / repose red circle: stop acceleration blue circle: 2A fuse
The position of each microswitch approximately corresponds to a curve similar to a resistive power control.
With this micro switch can be activated the traction control adjusted to approx. 18%
Scheme to correctly perform the connections between the controller, the track and power supply.